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Driven by over two decades of experience in delivering innovative and results-oriented workforce solutions, Regulus has the top priority in the client’s perspective. We offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Contingent Workforce Solutions, and Full-time & Permanent staffing solutions to global clients.


Reduce Investments on new hires. Deliver projects on time as you scheduled. Improve overall business performance!

Regulus is a pioneer in the contingent staffing industry, who deployed AI solutions to augment the search process. Though we’ve 20+ years of experience in providing diverse workforce solutions, our groundbreaking Staff Augmentation strategy made us unique in the industry. We, staff your complex IT projects intelligently and help you achieve your business objectives. We collaborate with your development teams to understand your project needs and determine a workforce solution that best fits your production environment.

Investing in new hires is not only to expand the organizational structure but also to achieve the company’s objectives. With our experience in hiring, we connect your business with the right talents who match your culture. We offer full-time & permanent staffing solutions to global clients on demand.


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we have enough capabilities to identify, pick, and hire the talent who meets the core values of your business. contact us today.