WhatsApp Business API

Deliver exceptional customer experience by integrating our WhatsApp Business solution


Easily connect with your customers through WhatsApp

With the WhatsApp Business solution, customers can contact your business via the same means they contact their friends and family. WhatsApp Business lets your business connect with over 1.5 billion users across 180 countries in a simple, reliable and secure way.

Multiple surveys indicate that customers now want businesses to provide them superior customer experience including real-time communications, faster response times, and smarter resolutions. We can help you seamlessly integrate WhatsApp Business to drive customer engagement through intelligent, context-aware messaging.

Facilitate seamless connections between your brand and your customers with WhatsApp Business.


Alerts and notifications

Send automated WhatsApp notifications such as order confirmations, appointment reminders, flight alerts and more.


Two-factor authentication

Send automated WhatsApp notifications such as order confirmations, appointment reminders, flight alerts and more.


Customer service features

Customer service features Create a branded profile for your business, providing your customers with a business description, address, email, and website.


Built for automation

Drive agent efficiency by automating common inquiries and FAQs with use case-specific bots.

Leverage the native customer service
features of WhatsApp Business:


Real-time and asynchronous conversations

WhatsApp Business gives consumers help on their terms, switching between real-time and non-real time dialog depending on the situation with a persistent end-to-end experience.


Verified business accounts

Provide customer confidence and help to reduce piracy or fraud through verified business accounts. Reach more customers, who are averse to public channels, but happy to communicate via private messaging.


Push notifications

Push proactive notifications for time-sensitive updates based on personalized criteria. Send customers automated account updates, payment requests, appointment reminders and much more.


Private messaging encryption

With end-to-end SSL encryption between your brand and the end customer, WhatsApp finally opens up possibilities for more secure, personalized and transactional use cases via private messaging.


Create seamless WhatsApp customer journeys in minutes

Create WhatsApp Business journeys within minutes by leveraging our drag-and-drop flow builder to create, set-up and deploy end-to-end communication flows.

A communication flow that takes months to code using programming intensive approaches today can be built and launched within minutes using IMIconnect.

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