R-Regulus works with technology companies, from startup to Fortune 500, to improve their operations and customer experience.

There are a number of major challenges facing companies in the technology sector, including cost control, market and wallet share expansion, navigating supply chain and market dynamics, elevated consumer demands, and security risks.

We have helped steer the customer service journey, including best-in-class navigation, through an ecosystem of rapid customer servicing evolution and development. We have a robust suite of technology sector-specific service offerings that are focused on contributing to our client’s top and bottom line performance by improving service, sales, and support.

Our customized multilingual solutions, global footprint, and leading industry status allow us to help a variety of technology organization types, from startups to Fortune 500.

  • Full-scale Integrated Customer Experience and Touchpoint Management
  • Customer Lifecycle Management from Pre-sales to EOL
  • Sales-to-Cash Order Management Solutions
  • Simple to Complex Technical Service Solutions
  • B2C, B2B, B2E, and Engineering Services
  • Front and Back-office Solutions
  • Warranty and RMA Support Solutions
  • Robust Coverage of the B2C and Enterprise Technology Product Ecosystems
  • Tailored Channel Servicing
  • Technology and Process-based Innovation including Analytics and Automation
  • Leveraging a deep understanding of sector-specific market and consumer dynamics
  • The ability to handle a multitude of customer servicing functions with a single partner
  • Proprietary and industry-leading operational delivery processes and benchmarks
  • The optimization of customer experience and satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Best-in-class performance enabling cost reduction

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