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Endeavors now like never before need to assemble business versatility and guarantee congruity even with the circumstance. With restored center, venture need to rethink the manner in which they work to settle and assume liability for their business. Withstand sway, estimate, react quickly, adjust and recuperate better for what’s to come. Information and bits of knowledge can assist with building this versatility to assist with speeding up advancement, increment efficiency, drive development, lessen costs, relieve hazard and advance resource usage. Information and experiences are vital resources that assists the business with picking up advancing freedoms, stowed away dangers, changing client assumptions and the cutthroat scene, in setting and on schedule to react definitively. This, thus, assists with robotizing the production network, drive nonstop advancement, and make miniature minutes based client experience. Man-made reasoning forces the center of this information driven venture and makes flags that then, at that point follow up on the business to bring groundbreaking worth. Furthermore, when this is empowered in a Do-it-Yourself culture, everybody, at some random time, can move rapidly, in the correct heading to shield, separate and even reconsider the business.

We assist our customers with taking on this way to deal with universally make esteem from information.

We move them away from the traditional use case or point arrangement drove approach, towards the way to building industrialized abilities to adapt information. We start by making an incorporated outline of chances – remarkable to their business – for information drove esteem creation. Subsequently we graph the guide to steadily assemble the abilities they need to follow through on the diagram. This includes:

  • Modernizing the center to get ready for the computerized change
  • Building knowledge frameworks that decipher information intellectually to find new signals and associate the detached
  • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to support a learnable and versatile endeavor that advances at computerized speed

Modernization involves delivering information and bits of knowledge stowed away in the heritage scene to make an adaptable lattice of primary administrations. This establishment would then be able to be deteriorated into parts that can be progressively coordinated severally and mechanized to convey against an advancing setting. This additionally regularly requires stripping or modernizing the inheritance frameworks that lie at the center of the undertaking. For instance, as of late, we worked with a retail contract bank, to propel their capacity to create FICO ratings for possible clients and cycle applications progressively. We re-engineered their credit procurement choice motor and furthermore changed their heritage centralized server climate to work on its readiness. Today, the bank produces candidate financial assessments in under 50 milliseconds.

Profoundly, the following undertaking is to digitize the information inventory network and transform it into a resource that can be deciphered intellectually and utilized for settling on information drove choices across the endeavor. We do this for a few of our customers in the retailing industry. We work to figure out their organized and unstructured information around shopper activities, reaction to advancements, Smart Label filters, item affinities, client penchants, alongside cost and advancement sensitivities. We then, at that point use AI models to further develop the proposal rationale for their constant item advancements.

We put to utilize a few Artificial Intelligence models to tackle business issues in a specialist help, close completely robotized mode. This considers ceaseless learning and nonstop improvement to be figured into both approved and new models. A valid example is the manner by which this is conveying an incentive for our customers in the monetary administrations business. We send AI strategies to recognize abnormalities in information esteems and exchange volumes that highlight dubious occasions and afterward ready chiefs to possibly deceitful exercises. We even review these examples to anticipate episodes and empower in the nick of time counteraction of abnormalities.

With this methodology, ventures can assemble a texture for information to turn into the new web interfacing every one of the dabs that matter, the driver of all endeavor choices, and the benefit that everyone has equivalent admittance to. What’s more, with that, it won’t be information that separates the triumphant ventures from the likewise rans. It will be individuals – enhanced by this information, to have the option to make associations inconspicuous previously, to discover issues unsaid previously, and to fabricate arrangements that address the unsolvable, through cooperative connections that advantage customers in manners neglected.

Our structure incorporates the accompanying contributions:

Data Monetization to discover and realize new insights-led opportunities, which are unique to the business, to improve the work they are already doing, and also innovate in unexplored dimensions.

Data Modernization to build a boundary-less data landscape, powered by cloud-based data platform architectures to scale data, and pervasive analytics to democratize its consumption.

Analytics to cover the whole spectrum of Analytics work done in an organization, from Insights and Modeling to AI and ML.

Data Operations to build automation-driven, scalable platforms for optimized data operations and managed services.

GDPR to enable organizations to be GDPR ready by leveraging our end to end framework – Assess, Define, Administer and Manage.

Customized Services & Solutions

We stood as a leader in Artificial Intelligence with our continuous innovation. With a group of AI developers, ML experts, marketing consultants, we help clients automate and redesign their workflows, IT processes, and rustic applications. Our custom services are molded based on the unique needs of each client and deliver solutions that work best to enhance their market value in the market.

Application Development and Maintenance

Regulus has a well-defined and mature application development and application outsourcing process which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the delivery teams spread across the globe. Each of the development phases can be defined with metrics and subsequently tracked with the web based tools which can be used by our customers.


The application development methodology can be used for:


  • New application development
  • Existing application enhancement
  • Application consolidation
  • Application migration

Enterprise Web Services Solutions

Enterprise web services seems to be on everyone's mind these days and the hype around this most happening technology seems to have peaked. As with any other phenomenon, the usefulness of enterprise web services must be put into perspective. If you have the following concerns about web services, we at Regulus are here to help:

Our comprehensive web services solution suite has worked wonders for our customers around the globe who have gained through


  • Reduced time to market for new application
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Accelerated business performance by automating and orchestrating processes across enterprises
  • Improving visibility of current business performance, reducing reliance on historical trends

Enterprise Portals And Content Management


One of the largest specialty retailers wanted to find a strategic IT partner that could help the company leverage IT to meet it business objectives. It further wanted to integrate the disparate enterprise systems and applications and minimize its operating expenses.

Regulus helped the client increase its online revenues through enhanced shopping experience and customer service.

Workforce & B2E Solutions


Competing in a global knowledge economy, organizations today are looking at streamlining their HR processes, assessing People capabilities, setting higher targets and rewarding the achievers – We, at Regulus, help you do just that with Self-Service, Collaboration and Knowledge Management. We offer a range of e-HR Solutions integrated with process expertise on PCMM and Six Sigma, to deliver maximum Value On Investment to our clients.

Our innovative e-HR solutions have helped clients


  • Reorganise Shared Services which delivered a business benefit of over £1million to the business
  • Bring about a culture-change within the organisation with automated HR processes
  • Maintain Training & Development strategy with 50% reduction in unutilised training space and 25% increase in Training Enrolment.
  • Reengineer administrative processes (procurement, HR, etc.) to support multiple locations
  •  Deliver web-enabled self-service tools with more than 90% effectiveness in Performance Appraisal cycles and Absence Management system
  • Consolidate and Integrate disparate processes / systems
  • Provide a consistent platform for information delivery and knowledge sharing


We Help Businesses Benefit From Technology.
Being the best software development company in worldwide, we focus on developing advanced applications and enterprise solutions for global businesses.
  • 1
    Requirement Gathering

    With prioritizing client requirements, we provide technology-focused and driven solutions.

  • 2
    Bottomless Analysis

    We analyze the client’s business requirements & unlock the true potential of their business.

  • 3
    Turnkey Solutions

    Our turnkey staffing, AI, and Data Quality Solutions ensure the best business outcomes.

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