Banking and Financial Services

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R Regulus banking and financial services encompass a comprehensive collection of solutions to help banks transform strategies, resulting in an enriched customer experience, improved efficiency, optimized cost of support, and new opportunities.

For years, we have helped clients reduce risk, drive growth, and achieve long-lasting benefits. Using industry-best tools without compromising quality, R-Regulus has bridged the gap between banks and their capabilities, increasing expectations of customers.

We offer a broad range of solutions in a highly secure environment. We deliver strategic automation, standardization, and process transformation to some of the leading financial institutions and banks, aiding them towards increased productivity.

R Regulus is proud of our vast industry experience and understanding of various markets all rooted in our passion for meaningful interactions. Our state-of-the art tools for limiting mistakes, automation, and robotic process automation methodologies have resulted in huge savings and benefits for our clients.

Proven Experience + Seasoned Leadership = Agile Partnership

    • Best tools and best practices in delivering complex banking operations across multiple geographies


    • Expertise in the banking regulatory environment, core banking and support systems, specialized underwriting skills


    • Decades of experience in account management, remittances for retail and corporate customers for a global bank across 40 branches across the globe


    • Pioneer in setting up operations for key domestic and international banking clients.


  • Focus on long-term value creation; flexible and innovative pricing models

We Love Numbers as Much as You Do

  • 9% increase in productivity as a result of implementing a dialer analysis for a multinational bank

Our services

Account Onboarding

Managing comprehensive and efficient customer on-boarding process as a vital part of a bank’s compliance regulations

Account Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing your customers’ needs and completing end-to-end fulfillment, giving you time to focus on your new product initiatives

Financial Crime Operations

Helping banks build a front line for crime prevention


Managing complex breakdowns and investigations can be a walk in the park with our expertise and help from our subject-matter experts

Account Opening/KYC

A decade’s worth of experience in seamless account openings, as well as managing KYC, AML, and customer due diligence

Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Safeguarding accounts by monitoring and contacting customers to ensure their cards or account balances are protected from potential threats and fraudsters

Draw-down services

Our specialized COE team manages the customer journey for all loan products up to fund draw downs. Our value delivery makes us your ideal partner


Leave it to our team of experts to help you manage the end of credit risk life cycle

Underwriting-Credit Operations

We specialize in multi-layered underwriting and the end-to-end customer life cycle, managed from product purchase, grant, to ongoing support

Our Clients

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